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  Geoinformation Services

We process and enter data into geoinformation systems on all types of underground and overhead lines such as telecommunications networks, low-voltage and high-voltage power lines, gas and water supply networks, wastewater systems and heating pipelines. We are engaged in processing satellite images, terrain analysis and creating maps.

  Vectorization and digitalization of spatial data:

Digitalization of analog geospatial data
Digitalization of analog geospatial data -
Digitalization for the cadaster (Digital cadaster plan) -
Satellite image processing -
Land survey and orthophoto creation -

Remote sensing -
Development of digital terrain models -
Creating geo-databases -
Georeferencing of analog spatial documents -
Consulting -
GIS Outsourcing -
GIS Mapping -
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Promenada 13, 22000 Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia
Tel.: +381 22 2150 240

GIS Development

If you have data that you want entered into a geographic information system to help you manage the information’s, and you do not have a GIS solution that meets your requirements, our team will develop a unique solution to meet your needs.
GIS solution - QGIS

Developed solutions :

Waternetwork GIS solution
Power network -
Telecommunications infrastructure -
Water supply network -
Gas network -​
Wastewater Network -
Hybride optisch – koaxiale Netzwerke

 Planning and design

We provide services for the development of preliminary, main, detailed and as-built design. We design coaxial distribution networks, hybrid fiber-coaxial networks and optical access and long-distance networks.
Gigabit Passive Optical Network

  Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial Networks

Active Optical Networks -
Gigabit Passive Optical Network -
Ethernet point-to-point -
geodetic surveys

Geodetic Services

We perform recording with the state-of-the-art geodetic instruments, making geodetic surveys, studies, mapping on site, cadastral plots marking, we monitor the civil engineering and building construction.
cadastral plots marking

 Survey and Data Processing

Survey and marking of plots and buildings -
Surveying and mapping installation, underground utility lines and infrastructure -
Survey and development of digital topographic plan -
Engineering surveying -
Geodetic marking design -
​GIS Mapping -
Project development and management


Our expert team will help you reach an optimal solution. We will improve your business and contribute to making adequate plans to support your business.
Software solutions

Expertise is our strength

Project development and management -
Control and quality assurance -
Data collection, processing, mapping, conversion and presentation -
Software solutions -
​Training -



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Promenada 13
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